Our Vision

From sourcing to shelf, we believe in honesty, transparency, equity and equality.

At Namaari, we recognize and value every person involved in the production process, from start to finish with carefully selecting producers who practice gender equality and equal pay at their facilities. We are strong believers in Global Citizenship therefore our goal is to introduce you to the very people who makes our business possible.

We advocate fiercely for our people and work hard to share their stories with you. With all our hearts we support Racial Equality, LGTB rights.

At Namaari, as we value fair trade above everything by making sure that our smallest producer gets compensated industry standards,  we also do our absolute best to bring you fair and competitive prices without compromising quality. 

Our utmost intention is to make our high quality sustainable fibers accessible to all the wonderful creative makers—not only to a selected group who can afford it.


Our Tribe

You, our customers, are our tribe.

You are the makers, mothers, fathers, radicals, doers, seekers, philosophers, social justice warriors, adventurers, change agents, liberators, and artists.

You understand that transformation is a journey involving the hundreds of small choices we make every day.

At Namaari, our customers are actively engaged. You are mindful. You are intentional. You are the kinds of people who use your time, talent, and treasure to lift up the less fortunate. You invest in others and use your purchasing power as a force for good.

We join in this community, together hand in hand where your voice is always heard and honored. .