✨ Outdoor Wonder Braided Cord - 2 mm - Black


Namaari Outdoor Wonder Braided Cord comes in 16 sparkly fun colors.

The base and lurex color on this line is playfully selected making this cord an eye catching piece for your projects. Its' 2 mm width is perfect to showcase intricate knots as well as giving your project a delicate look.

It is also ideal for outdoor projects like wall art, decorative wood mix fiber art, plant hangers, coasters and all outdoor uses. It will withhold strong against different climates and will protect its color.




Product Details:

  • Made of: 100% PP
  • Length: 90 yards - 80 m
  • Weight: 3.53 oz - 100 gr. 
  • Width of Fiber: 0.08 inches - 2 mm
  • Base Color: Black - Lurex Color: Black



Over the Shoulder Bag (7.9" X 9.8" - 20cm X 25cm): 3 rolls of Outdoor Wonder Braided Cord


What projects can I use it for? 

Micro -Macrame, Weaving, Crochet: Out door macrame projects like plant hangers, macrame wall art, candle holders,  rainbows, handbags, clutches, key chains, garlands, jarhangers , necklacesbracelets, earrings, ornaments,  coasters,  headbands…the sky’s the limit!


A little backdrop on (Polypropylene) PP yarn. We've done an extensive research and found that there are unfortunately no recycled PP yarn available for handcraft industry. Recycled PP can only be developed by using 50% of virgin PP mixing it with recycled PP. Scientifically 100% recycled PP is not possible to be produced. There is still not enough recycled PP to be cost effective produced for the handcraft fiber industry. Currently what's claimed to be 100% recycled PP is the one that has 50% virgin PP and produced for machinery and packaging.

However while we enjoy the durable benefits of PP yarn on our projects we can definitely contribute by correctly recycling our PP products in 5 steps. We encourage you to click this informative link to learn more. 




*** Please keep in mind projects cords usages are not exact. They are there to give you a rough idea of how much cordage you may need per this kind of project. Each project's cordage use is approximate as it depends on how tight or loose you want to make your knots as well as the design differences play a big role. We tried to calculate it to the best of our ability.

*** Please keep in mind, colors shown may vary from screen to screen also due to light sources, photo shooting modes in the same way that shades may vary slightly from dye lot to dye lot.

*** Please check your shipping address and add your phone number in the check out section. 

*** Customs fees and Import VAT are borne by the buyer in international shipments.

*** For bulk orders please contact hello@namaari.com for further information.

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