Multicolor Cotton Cord - Single Strand - 4 mm - Take Me Serious ♻️


Our multicolored macrame cord is a super soft, single strand with a single twist cord that comes in several fun colors.

The ideal size to add a visual oomph for your multicolored jewelry pieces and more!

Our 100% recycled multicolor cotton cord is  made of fine, luxurious recycled yarn will give you that full and charming fringe! 

Namaari's Multicolor Cotton Cord is especially made for projects with beautiful fringes. Let's dive into how... We found a sweet spot in our twisting where the cord doesn't unravel that quick but yet it is easy to unravel with hand yet still stays together for your knots and brush very easily without untangling. This requires a special recipe for twisting. This cord has that sweet spot!  


Made of: 100% certified recycled cotton

Length: 88 yards - 80 m

Weight: 8.8 oz - 250gr.

Diameter: 0.16" - 4 mm

Yarn Quality: 20/1 - Fine


*** Our Multicolor Cotton Cord is certified for GRS (Recycled) and Standard by 100 OEKO - Tex which is tested and proven free of harmful levels of toxic substances.


 What projects can I use it for? 


Macrame, Weaving Crochet: feathers, key chains, garlands, jar hangers , necklaces, earrings, ornaments, watchbands, coasters, bouquet wraps, headbands…the sky’s is the limit!Woven wall art, woven pillow, woven hand towels, woven coasters and woven necklace and so much more.


*** Please keep in mind projects cords usages are not exact. They are there to give you a rough idea of how much cordage you may need per this kind of project. Each project's cordage use is approximate as it depends on how tight or loose you want to make your knots as well as the design differences play a big role. We tried to calculate it to the best of our ability.

*** Please keep in mind, colors shown may vary from screen to screen also due to light sources, photo shooting modes in the same way that shades may vary slightly from dye lot to dye lot.

*** Please check your shipping address and add your phone number in the check out section. 

*** Customs fees and Import VAT are borne by the buyer in international shipments. 

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